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Wow, September came and went pretty fast, huh? Our September show went really well. We had a fun crowd (many of which actually stood up and danced for Op’ra Sh*t! YOU GUYS ROCK!). We also had a hilarious drawing contest at the beginning of the show. Will post photos soon. And alas… the time has [...]

Prepping for August!

July 27th, 2009

We had our first rehearsal last Friday since the crazy week that was Fringe and Polaris. The vibe was especially positive this time around now that we’re all well-rested, more focused and ready to go… oh… and yes… we now have a complete show on our belts. We are faced with some changes this time [...]

Good Friday Pride Rehearsal

April 12th, 2009

Since many of the Cats have headed home for Zombie Jesus Day Easter, a small group of us decided to hold our first rehearsal for the Pride-themed show in June. This will be our first role swap and the show is in less than two months, so what better time to start than now? We [...]

New Kittens!

March 28th, 2009

We had our first meeting since the show last week and we are pleased to announce that we have three new kittens! We are extremely excited to work with them. We threw them into run-throughs of “Mark it Up” and “Zydrate Anatomy” and they all did very well.  Brian is an actor and self-proclaimed attention [...]

We usually hold a final dress rehearsal the morning of our shows. We had a projectionist present so we could practice to the film. This was also our only time to really take pictures of us in our costumes since we’re usually busy with everything else during the actual show. Here are some photos of [...]

Rehearsal Previews

February 25th, 2009

With only two days left until our next performance, we’d like to show you some teaser shots from our rehearsals. Enjoy! Here is our new Thankless Job Victim, Caitlin. Mandi, who played the victim previously will now have the pleasure of being the predator this time around as Repo Man.  “Decaf?” “I will shoot you [...]

One week left…

February 21st, 2009

We are T-minus one week until show #2 on February 27th!  DUN DUN DUN! We are working super hard and have inserted a lot of rehearsals to our agenda. We finally had two theatre rehearsals a couple of days ago and they’ve been a big success. Last night at the dance studio, we did a [...]

Blowjobs and lots of it!

February 6th, 2009

Three weeks left until our second show and we are really pumped for getting shit together. We started doing semi-dress rehearsals to get into the groove of things.  We tackled the blocking for a new scene at tonight’s rehearsal: Sanitarium Square. We are doing the entire scene and it’s complete with many Pavi blowjobs. It’s [...]

What do Shadow Cats do for fun on a Friday night in Toronto? We rehearse for Repo!  Two big changes from our rehearsals for the first show and our rehearsals moving forward are that A: We FINALLY have a DVD copy to reference from instead of hours of geeky banter over scenes memorized from screenings [...]

New Kittens

January 17th, 2009

Last night we had our first full-cast meeting (in an actual dance studio! Wow!) since our first show earlier this month. We invited a few new faces (who we all lovingly referred to as kittens) to join us. Ally, Phallon, Edward and Kirsten expressed interest in joining the shadow cast and were all huge Repo! [...]

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